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At chainstaff, we harness the power of professional networks. When you post a job on our platform, our network of connected professionals shares it within their networks. This expands your reach to both active and passive job seekers. The best part? There are no upfront fees to post the job – you only need to set a flexible bounty for a successful hire. This bounty is only paid when there is a successful hire through us - no success, no costs. With us, you can enjoy risk-free job advertising and hiring, making the process simple and cost-effective.

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We're all about results and value. You'll only be charged when you successfully hire through us. No hiring, no charges. This way, you're investing in talent acquisition that delivers real outcomes.



Easily post your job on our platform for free and set a bounty for a successful hire.



Our extensive network shares your job ad across various networks and attracts passive and active candidates for you.



Once a candidate applies you can easily rate them and proceed with your hiring process. 

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