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Meet the Team

Bringing companies and professionals together.

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Our Mission

At chainstaff, our mission is to create an open digital network that incentivizes people to take part. We're dedicated to automating business processes and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our product is poised to become the go-to service for hiring and placing skilled workers. We firmly believe in the power of a connected ecosystem, which is why we reward users for engaging in recruitment processes.

Our Purpose

chainstaff is committed to bringing companies and professionals together in a more transparent way. We're here to help professionals discover new opportunities by leveraging the power of their network in a simple and effective manner. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, and our platform makes it possible to find the perfect fit.

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Our Story

chainstaff was founded by a group of software startup enthusiasts who recognized a gap in the market for a better way of getting referrals. We firmly believe that the traditional recruitment approach is outdated and inefficient. We're passionately committed to revolutionizing the way people get hired, providing a platform that is dynamic, efficient, and responsive to the needs of the modern job market. Our journey is about reshaping the world of recruitment, one referral at a time.

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